In the field of electronic mounting, semiconductors, and liquid crystal display module assembly, we have been reforming manufacturing processes centering on electric circuit forming technology by providing various types of PCB inspection machines, peripherals, electronic materials, and others. We give the best solutions to our customers, utilizing our own world-wide network.

Industrial Machinery
Industrial Machinery
We have achieved popularity in industrial machinery field that aim for high-efficiency and labor-saving such as factory automation (FA), flexible manufacturing system and different kinds of automated assembly lines. In addition, with our plastic and rubber molding machine, metal processing equipment, other products and services, we take part of major role in the development of key industry such as automotive, OA, medical and food tray related industry.
Plant & Energy
Plant & Energy

We have been getting ahead of the times and addressing high-efficiency, energy-saving, and environmental measures in the fields of energy development, plant construction. We have been doing consulting businesses in the fields of gas and petroleum refinery, engineering, factory infrastructure, and all types of maintenances. By doing so, we will make our customers’ projects successful. In recent years we have been working on prevailing renewable energy such as solar power systems.

We have equipment for various purposes such as cultivation, inspection, drug formulation, filling, and state-of-the-art packaging, utilizing a lot of experience and an extensive know-how in medicine, food, cosmetics, and oil-related fields. In addition, we provide value-added products, these have won firm confidence from our customers.


We are committed to fulfilling our social responsibilities globally in accordance with our management philosophy of contributing to social prosperity.


DJK Group has 38 bases around the world including head office in Japan. We are developing as sales and services in seven countries around Asia.


On May 14, 2023, DAIICHI JITSUGYO (VIETNAM) CO., LTD. would like to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the company's establishment as a milestone to record the 10-year journey of establishment and development.
Daiichi Jitsugyo Vietnam joining the NEPCON VIETNAM 2022 - “Electronics 4.0 Insider" Daiichi Jitsugyo Vietnam joining the NEPCON VIETNAM 2022 - “Electronics 4.0 Insider"
Changes can bring both opportunities and challenges, and it is always better to know how to handle both. NEPCON VIETNAM is the most influential and only Electronic Trade Show in Vietnam - the proving ground for latest technologies introduction and global innovators. This is where more than 300 brands do business and meet new partners, and the sharpest innovators hit the stage. NEPCON VIETNAM 2022 focuses on the innovative concept of “Electronics 4.0 Insider”. The exhibition brought together nearly 200 brands and companies to showcase - SMT, Testing Technologies, Equipment, Supporting.    Daiichi Jitsugyo Vietnam is proud to be one of the participants who will discover how we can ride the wave of emerging opportunities by upgrading production capabilities and maximizing growth with cutting-edge assembly, measurement, and testing technologies, which mingles with industry leaders and peers in seminars and networking activities.  By this way, DAIICHI JITSUGYO will help you take the wall of limitation down and allow the wave of opportunities in also discover latest manufacturing technologies.   DAIICHI JITSUGYO VIETNAM (DJKV) is happy to announce that we have successfully participated in this innovative exhibition, to show customer our latest technology in SMT manufacturing: [Showcase machine] PANASONIC       :Chip Mounter NPM-D3A; NPM-W2 NEOTEL               :Smart Material Storage MIMO MARANTZ          :Desktop AOI NTW                    :PCB Cleaner [Represent Brand] NORDSON          :Dage/Xray, Matrix/AXI, Asymtek/Coating KEYSIGHT           :In-circuit Tester AUROTEK           :PCB Separator SAWA                  :Nozzle Cleaner, Stencil Cleaner Also, within the exhibition DJKV have hold a seminar of “PANASONIC’s latest technology in EV manufacturing and factory smart logistic system (LOGITO)”, introduced our latest technology to our value customer
Daiichi Jitsugyo Vietnam joining the The 20th Vietnam International Trade Fair Daiichi Jitsugyo Vietnam joining the The 20th Vietnam International Trade Fair
It is a great pleasure to inform you that we participated in the Vietnam International trade fair in Ho Chi Minh city. In this exhibition, we showed the new FANUC injection molding machine and some new high-end solutions for many industries We believe that you will be delightfully surprised to see some of our latest technologies.  Event        : VIETNAM EXPO 2022 Booth No.  : A275 + A276 Date          : 1-3 December, 2022 Place         : SECC (Saigon Exhibition and convention center)                    799 Nguyen Van Linh, Tan Phu, 7 District, Ho Chi Minh City https://hcm.vietnamexpo.com.vn/